Well here it is, it ain't pretty, but I didn't really care for looks at the time, going fast and running good was my main concern. It'll also go through some changes as well, mainly new paint, fenders and etc. It'll also be geting some other cool trick stuff soon.

I'll have my hands pretty full for the next year or so, being that I'll be going over this car the 66 sedan that I'm buying from my dad. And of course the Porsche that I'll be rebuilding, once I start on all three of those, I'll post some pixs up. Oh and last but not least I'll be busy with Dom's (TBK) pro-mod. Keep your eyes out for that car, cause we're gonna turn some heads and blow some people away. (if you wanna check his pro-mod out just click on his blog on the upper left hand corner)




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